U.S., Mexico Sign Agreement to Help Protect Mexican Workers Here

An embassy official introduces Mexican Ambassador Carlos Sada, seated, as well as Vanita Gupta of the Justice Division before the signing of a contract to safeguard workers’ rights in the U.S. (Image by Claire Caulfield/Cronkite Information)

By: Claire Caulfield

(Washington, DC) — Labor Day could be a UNITED STATE holiday, however the Justice Department wants to see to it labor civil liberties are secured for everybody working in this country– withing noncitizens.

That was the objective of an arrangement authorized recently with the Mexican government that defined the process for Mexican workers to have their discrimination issues taken into consideration by the Justice Division’s Civil liberty Division.

An official at the Mexican Consular office in Phoenix az welcomed the offer Tuesday, claiming his consular office obtains about 10 issues a month from Mexican workers that feel they have actually been ripped off by their companies.

A lot of the cases are issues concerning overtime pay yet, “this understanding will certainly strengthen the opportunity for us to educate our people and aid them making complaints for all the concerns they’re experiencing,” said Felix Herrera Herrera, consul for defense as well as legal affairs at the Mexican Consulate in Phoenix.

Fielding labor complaints from foreign employees right here is not new for the Justice Division. However the arrangement authorized last week creates a streamlined issue procedure for consulate workers to file insurance claims with Justice, and contacts Justice Department workers to take a trip to all 50 Mexican consulates in the U.S. to educate team there on taking care of cases.

In 2015, Mexican consular offices in the U.S. enlightened practically 60,000 employees across the country on just what they must do if they experience discrimination, said Mexican Ambassador Carlos Sada finally week’s finalizing of the contract in Washington.

“It is our commitment as agents of Mexico, in the sense of shielding our individuals,” Sada stated.

A UNITED STATE official at Thursday’s signing ceremony claimed partnerships with embassies are essential tools in educating workers about their rights.

“It’s crucial due to the fact that there are a lot of immigrants that pertain to this nation that are unaware of their rights. As well as often times those individuals resort to their consulates or their consular offices for help or assistence,” said Alberto Ruisanchez, replacement special advice in the Office of Unique Advice for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices.

However one doubter stated both Justice and also the Mexican Consular office have their concerns lost.

“An embassy’s role is to stand for that federal government, not make bargains or implement laws,” said Ira Mehlman, media director for Federation for American Immigration Reform.

“In addition, the DOJ’s assertion that Mexico has taken a leading function in labor civil liberties is laughable, due to the fact that if Mexico was really playing a duty you would not have millions of Mexicans coming to the United States to function,” Mehlman stated.

Yet Vanita Gupta, the head of the Civil liberties Department at Justice, claimed protecting workers from Mexico could profit all employees.

“I see also often the hazardous impacts of discrimination on a person’s self-respect and also ability to work,” Gupta claimed. “However I additionally see opportunities and possibilities that all workers can seize when we shield their civil liberties in the office.”

Justice’s Office of Unique Advise for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices is accuseded of enforcing anti-discrimination stipulation of the Migration and Nationality Act, which bans company discrimination based on citizenship, migration condition as well as nationwide origin.

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